February 28, 2021

What is a BIA?

For those who may not know, The BLOX is a community of businesses that operate within a BIA (Business Improvement Area).

Having a business, or living in a BIA, can come with many benefits. The City of Calgary currently has 15 BIA’s that strategically work towards the redevelopment of specific areas. The Beltline BIA comprises a group of people who care about your neighbourhood and want it to prosper! We're a trusted resource for businesses and a catalyst for community growth. We are change-makers for civic improvements, and we work hard to enhance the quality of life in our local neighbourhood and the City as a whole.

So what is it that our BIA does? We work hard to increase visitors to our member businesses, allow residents to feel safer and help people feel more involved.

Resident Benefits

For someone new to the area, we can provide the inside scoop on restaurants, events, road closures and the latest news! Our BIA also works hard to act as a recovery resource when issues arise, such as COVID-19. The team is also involved in creating appealing art projects, cleaning up the community, putting smiles on people's faces, and bringing more people to the neighbourhood. We also work to provide the community with a voice. We respond to community member's comments online and ensure those issues are known. Living in a BIA means constant growth — we want to create a community where people feel safe and can express any concerns they may have.

Business Benefits

For business owners, our BIA works to help generate additional economic value by increasing the flow of customers and building general awareness about the area. Through online platforms, we provide informative updates and promote businesses in the area. We act as a resource for all business needs by updating the community with relevant and timely information through newsletters and social media. However, our BIA goes much deeper than that. It is about creating events and festivities all year long and ensuring the area is kept clean and beautiful so that we can continue to grow our businesses! The Beltline BIA is invested in working towards building a safer community and we strive to ensure our businesses have the resources they need and that their voices are heard.

So, what's with 'The BLOX'?

The BLOX is a brand created by the Beltline BIA to use as a vehicle to promote growth and vibrancy within our zone. It's through this brand that we can celebrate all our great businesses, experiences and reasons to visit the Beltline. Keep a lookout for upcoming events, promotions and activations in The BLOX and, if you have anything to say, please drop us a line. We're always on the hunt for new and exciting opportunities to build The BLOX.

“The BIA’s are like Community Associations in they try to engage everyone in the community to work together to make their neighbourhoods a better place to work, live and play.” - Richard White, Live Wire Calgary

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