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Build a custom block and show off your favourite things to do in the BLOX.
Build your BLOX
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The BLOX is more than just a collection of streets. It’s built from the businesses, people, and experiences that come together to shape a vibrant and eclectic community. Now is your chance to celebrate your favourite things to do in the BLOX.

Enter the BLOX Builder, select your favourite places and watch your creation come to life. When you are done, add your block to our community and watch the love grow for our zone.

Step 1

Build Your BLOX

Choose your favourite businesses, spaces and places to visit.

Step 2

Share and Compare

Send your block to your friends, or share on social media, to show the world what great places we have in the BLOX.

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Step 3

Add it to the Community

Submit your creation our ever-growing map and watch the community grow.

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Browse the digital sculptures that BLOX fans have made, create your own, or check out what we love for ideas and experiences in the BLOX.