June 25, 2021

Beltline Bike Rack Transformation

‘One is All’ with Community Beltline Bike Racks

This past December, we put out a “Call for Artists” to help transform the Beltline bike racks into a socially significant piece of art.

We are committed to supporting inclusion and diversity in The BLOX, and wanted to find a creative way to blend art and conversation. With an eye for detail and colour, one artist brought forth a vision on what unity and inclusion means to them and how that plays into our community.

Chloe Purcell, a local Calgary artist who graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design, spent 12 days bringing to life her vision of ‘One is All.’

The design was created to represent diversity and inclusion while offering joy and hope to the community. This design not only brings new meaning to togetherness and ‘One is All', but it also creates interest and vibrancy within The BLOX.