February 04 - 05, 2023


Join us to shop all things records

Record collector's dreams come true! Join us to shop all things records, enjoy a drink, and mingle. To set up a table at this event, please contact rustyrecordscanada@gmail.com

Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5, from 12-5 PM


This event is open to all, and walk-ins are welcome, but help us manage capacity by letting us know you'll be here. Please indicate which day you intend to visit in the comment field.

Sponsored By Dandy Brewing

The Dandy Brewing Company is Calgary's original little brewery. We produce inspired beers, styles we have fallen in love with, in small batches with lots of care.

Being a Dandy means falling hard into your internal fascinations, desires, and interests. Whatever they may be. Dandies ignore trends and styles and walk their own path. Every one of us has the chance to be a Dandy, most of us already are without knowing it, and we’re here to celebrate that.

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